AIGA Tampa Bay needs you!

Are you interested in being a part of making AIGA Tampa Bay the best that it can be? We are looking for hard-working and dedicated individuals on both sides of the bay to volunteer on our acting board and committees. Requirements: Must love people, problem solving, and making the world a more well-designed place.

Interested in an open position? Email the following to

  1. Who are you and what interests you about serving on the board? How will you bring value and what will you get out of the experience?
  2. Resume of qualifications for the position
  3. Design portfolio required only for positions relating directly to design.

AIGA Tampa Bay is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors working together with several committee members. We support the organization’s mission of deepening the impact of design across disciplines, along with educating and inspiring the broader design community in Boston. As our work continues, we look to you, our members, to join us in serving our community. 

We invite you to apply for a high impact role on AIGA Tampa Bay’s Board of Directors, or a significant contributor role through participation on a committee. All positions are volunteer positions.

What to Expect 

As a board member, the baseline expectations are that you will:

  • Actively participate in board meetings once a month and attend at least one chapter event every two months
  • Maintain an AIGA membership at the Supporting level or above
  • Define 1- and 2-year goals for your position and collaborate with other board members to help you achieve those goals

As a committee member, the baseline expectations are that you will:

  • Actively participate in committee meetings at least once a quarter, and board meetings as able
  • Maintain a membership at the Contributor level or above
  • Define 1-year goals for your position and collaborate with your committee to help you achieve those goals

For your commitment and contribution as a board or committee member, there are a number of perks, like:

  • Professional development and added skills for your resume
  • New and deeper connections made with fellow AIGA members, event partners, and the broader community of creatives in Tampa Bay
  • Mentorship and peer support from other board and committee members
  • Access to AIGA events
  • Feeling good by doing good

Selection Criteria

Read the descriptions of the open positions below to get a sense for what each role entails. If you’d like to apply for one or more of the available positions, or if you’d like to nominate someone you know, please fill out the application at the bottom of this page. A selection committee will review and evaluate your application on a variety of criteria. If selected for further consideration, we will follow up with a notice for a brief interview with the selection committee.

Open Board Positions

Vice President

The Vice President is a current Board Member who is being groomed for, or interested in becoming, the next President. The Vice President works directly with the President to maintain the direction of the board of directors. The vice president is responsible for working with the entire board to ensure that the Chapter’s goals are met. They will also participate and manage AIGA National initiatives, communications, and needs related to our Chapter. Including attending monthly leadership meetings and an annual leadership conference and manage communications on Slack.


The Treasurer provides oversight for all related financial material for the Chapter. They will work closely with the President and the rest of the board for any expense-related items to ensure that each event has a budget and stays within that budget. Works closely with the membership team to provide input on revenue-generating strategies for our Chapter. Responsibilities include:
• Develop and manage Chapter budgets
• Maintain Chapter bookkeeping and complete the Chapter’s tax preparation
• Manage Chapter’s liability insurance
• Provide reimbursements for approved Chapter-related expenses
• Present a Financial report at each Board meeting

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Leads

(2 positions open)
As a Diversity & Inclusion lead, you’ll be responsible for overseeing and guiding AIGA Tampa Bay’s efforts to reflect and encourage diversity within Tampa’s design community. You will offer guidance to the organization and its members by participating in purposeful dialogues and activities. You’ll influence internal chapter practices and create new membership programming opportunities. As the demographic makeup of Tampa Bay changes, the Diversity & Inclusion team will work to raise awareness of known and unknown biases against underrepresented or overlooked groups, especially as it relates to race, gender, location, age, socio-economic background, religion, ability, etc.

Member Engagement Leads

(2 positions open)
The Membership lead is responsible for encouraging new memberships and helping with the needs of our existing membership. Duties may include developing strategies and initiatives for Chapter growth, communicate benefits of AIGA membership, assist in planning the annual Chapter Roundtable event, manage event registration and event check-in table, monitor new members, and make introductions. Present a membership report at each Board meeting.

Programming leads

(2 positions open)
The programming lead works with all Board members to plan an annual calendar that reflects the Chapter’s activities. They will develop and produce quality and profitable programming, work closely with fellow board members to create successful programs, assist and work with other programming leads, and plan their events. This will include establishing and tracking event budgets (work with Treasurer) and time management; and assisting in securing speakers, sponsors, and venues when needed. uties may include guiding the direction of the Chapter’s events, working with Treasurer to develop and oversee event-related budgets, setting an event schedule for the year, leading/moderate a biannual Programming Team meeting, create an event summary for each event. Present a programming report at each Board meeting.

Communications Web Lead

The Communications Web lead will assist the Communication social media lead and is responsible for keeping our website up to date. The programing team relies heavily on the commutations team to properly promote upcoming Chapter events with their Communication team. Duties may include managing a communication strategy/schedule for the Chapter, coordinating with the Programming team to plan and execute effective marketing for each event, overseeing, updating, and maintaining content on the Chapter’s website.  Assist in presenting a communication report at each board meeting.